Connect Passionate people with your mission

Customizable Volunteer Forms

Collect as much or as little information from your volunteers as you need with infinitely customizable forms and custom field types. All collected data is stored in your volunteer database for easy lookup and sorting.

Unlimited Positions

There are no limits to the number of volunteer campaigns or positions you can have within your account. List volunteer positions alongside other tools like event registration to increase engagement.

Automated Thank-Yous

The importance of thanking your volunteers in a timely manner can't be emphasized enough. Along with delivering an instant confirmation and additional information - we thank them for you!

Attach Files

Give volunteers all the information they need to be successful, have them download information files right from the volunteer form. If you require additional information from them, have them upload files which are automatically stored in the Flipcause volunteer database.

Waivers & Disclaimers

Have volunteers sign waivers before completing registration. The volunteer’s signature, birth date, and IP are all recorded and automatically stored in the Flipcause volunteer database.

Volunteer Recruiting and management made easy


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